New Survival Snack Bars Variety Pack

Survival Snack Bars Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Survival Bars are the second most popular item sold at Hallelujah Acres.  Of course, BarleyMax is number one.  Why are they called survival bars?  Because they contain a full spectrum of nutrition for healthy survival if they are your only food source.  Full of live enzymes and loaded with fiber, Survival Bars are fun and filling.

We’ve tried lots of different kinds of “health food” bars through the years, but the Survival Bars from Hallelujah Acres are our all-time favorite!  They are not only the best-tasting bar we’ve tried but are truly raw, which means that they are cold-pressed – no high heat is used to process these bars.  The living enzymes, which are the life force of all foods, are  still present along with multiple vitamins and minerals.

In addition, they are packed with an exceptional blend of superfoods like quinoa sprouts and flax sprouts.  Hallelujah Acres uses only raw, organic, non-GMO whole foods in their bars. They are USDA certified organic, vegan certified, and kosher certified.

There is no salt, refined sugar, preservatives, soy, artificial colors or artificial flavors in any of the Survival Bars.  They are plant-based with no junk ingredients.

And now there are FIVE new, delicious flavors – Cranberry Blast, Garden Fusion, Blueberry Burst, Apple Surge, and Cinnamon Explosion.  We recommend the Survival Bar Sample Pack, which is a 12-bar box that includes two bars of each flavor.  We keep these on hand as a meal replacement, snack,  emergency food, and great travel or hiking food.

Try a box today – order securely Here.  Post your response to them on our web site blog, won’t you?

Under no circumstances does Alpha Omega Food, LLC communicate to its customers or any other persons that its people or products diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or sickness. Our products supply nutrition and support to the body so the body can achieve a state of wellness.

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